Jokerz Baby Jeeter



Jokerz Baby Jeeter | Jeeter | Baby Jeeter Infused | Jeeter Prerolls

Jokerz Baby Jeeter Rolled Joints:  Five .35g Joints 1.75g | Hybrid | 30% THC Indoor Grown. Also, Jeeter pre rolls, baby jeeter, Jeeter juice carts.

Mood: happy, uplifted, energetic

Again, This Indica dominant hybrid brings together White Runtz x Jet Fuel Gelato. It is no surprise that this combination is an absolute savage. Moreover, This gassy offering will leave the user in an amazing state of euphoric relaxation.

Joker is said to be an Indica dominant strain. However elements of Bruce Banner shine through giving mental motivation and physical energy while the body is relaxed and mind chill, but not in a coma. It is an indica that slows you down by crippling you. I would not hit Joker in the morning.

baby jeeter – jokerz

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If you’re a fan of Gelato strains get ready for Jokerz! This balanced 50/50 tastes sweet and citrusy while packing a punch! The high starts with the creative euphoria from Jet Fuel Gelato, and finishes strong with a tingly, yet relaxing body high provided by the White Runtz. This is a strain that will not disappoint! Jeeter Pre-rolls, jeeter pre rolls, baby jeeter pre rolls.


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