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Strawberry Shortcake Baby Jeeter Infused: Five .50g Joints 2.5g | Indica | 35.04% THC Indoor Grown Infused with Distillate Oil & Kief. Also, Baby Jeeter Strawberry Shortcake, Jeeter Pre-rolls

Bred by Cannarado and pheno hunted by the Jungle Boyz, this multi-state project produces a top-shelf strain that’s turning heads everywhere. The first in the Jungle Boyz’s Exotikz lineup, Strawberry Shortcake crosses White Wookie with The White. Offering a strong and hearty strawberry flavor. This strain will put you down for the count in euphoric bliss, making any old couch feel like a slice of heaven.

Infused Pre RollEuphoricHappyIndicaRelaxedStrawberryStrawberry ShortcakeSweetTHCWoody.




Not confusing with the tasty dessert. In addition, The Dark Horse Genetics-bred Strawberry Shortcake is a cross of a J3 cut of their Juliet and Strawberry Diesel.

This potent combination gives Strawberry Shortcake an aromatic blend of fuel and strawberries. Which translates into a flavor that the breeder describes as “bubble-gum scented Jolly Ranchers” and “old funky cotton candy.”

Again, Strawberry Shortcake is an Indica marijuana strain made by crossing White Wookie with The White. This strain provides euphoric effects that put your mind into a state of bliss. Strawberry Shortcake features a strong and hearty strawberry flavor that will have you craving more. This strain is ideal for nighttime use or during the evening when you have nothing of importance to do. Furthermore, Medical marijuana patients choose Strawberry Shortcake to help relieve symptoms associated with insomnia. Finally, Baby jeeter, Jeeter Reviews, Baby Jeeter reviews.


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