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Baby Jeeter Garanimals Rolled Joints:  Five .35g Joints 1.75g | Indica | THC Indoor Grown. To begin with, Baby Jeeter Infused has a variety of flavors in the baby jeeter pre-rolls and passthejeeter lineage. You can order jeeter pre-rolls online from us and get delivery of the jeeter flavors to your address.

Mood: happy, energetic, creative

Also, Garanimals is a potent Indica strain that comes by crossing Grape Pie with Animal Cookies. It produces calming and euphoric effects with a tingly, full-body high. More so, Granimals is ideal for winding down in the evening after a long day at work. This strain features an aroma that is doughy and spicy. Garanimals help to relieve symptoms of stress and anxiety. Pre RollCreativeEnergeticEuphoric baby jeeter pre-rolls.

The Baby Jeeter contains a gram of Jeeter’s locally-source, premium cannabis flower and comes in a resealable glass jar for convenient and portable storage. Moreover, Baby Jeeter is now one of the leading pre-roll brands in California. Thanks to its commitment to sourcing high-quality cannabis flowers and rolling some of the best joints around. Furthermore, Jeeter is now recognized state-wide as a producer of premium, award-winning pre-rolls. Since its inception, Jeeter produces and sells nearly 1.5 million top-shelf pre-roll joints in California alone. Again, Baby jeeter THC/CBD content is approximate, individual items may vary.


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